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Welcome to Stetson University's Black Student Association (BSA)!!!

Our purpose is to create an atmosphere in which members are able to learn, understand, participate in, and share the Black academic, cultural and social experience within the Stetson Community.

We are an all inclusive group, which means we accept and appreciate everyone!!!


Portal Information


BSA is one of the many cultural organizations dedicated to providing positive cultural, intellectual, and social activities and experiences for all students at Stetson University. We program events, activities, and experiences to confront issues and challenges relevant to the black community in relation to the greater context of society. As a result we help to create a positive self-identity among our members and others through community involvement and campus interaction.


Cultural and Identity-Based

Primary Student Leader Name:

If no primary leader can be determined, a liaison must be selected for communication purposes.

Kala Diltz and Bree Holden

Primary Student Leader Position:

Ex/ President, Chair, etc.


Primary Student Leader Stetson Email:
SAFAC Contact Name:

SAFAC (student activity fees allocation committee) facilitates the budget and funding request process. This individual, along with the primary student leader contact will receive all related communication. This cannot be the same person as the primary student leader.

Dominique Simpson

SAFAC Contact Position:

Frequently the organization's treasurer.

Vice President

SAFAC Contact Stetson Email:
Faculty or Staff Advisor Name:

Dr. Coggins

Faculty or Staff Advisor Position:

Please list the department and title.

Professor of education and multicultural education

Faculty or Staff Advisor Stetson Email:
Meeting Day:


Meeting Time:

6:30 PM

Meeting Location:

The Cub

Mission Statement:

BSA functions as a vehicle of communication between the students and faculty/administration. It is also a place where we get to define our blackness and what it means to us. Our motto is to Educate, Learn, and Empower. We promote proactive leadership, scholarship, community outreach, and student empowerment. We embrace our cultural heritage, unity, and the appreciation of diversity.

Social media and web presence:

Please list all sites and handles/usernames used including but not limited to a website, facebook page or group, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Twitter: @bsastetson
Instagram: @bsastetson1
Snapchat: bsa.stetson