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Welcome to Stetson University's ACM organization page!

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The Stetson Student ACM chapter was started in 1984. It's first faculty advisor was Deborah Branton, and some of the founding members were Anita Bardeen, Stephen McDaniel, Brook Monroe, Barry Pekin, and Melissa Titshaw.

After a brief hiatus in the early 90's, the chapter reactivated itself in 1996, with Wayne Staats as the faculty advisor. After a few years as advisor, Wayne has passes the faculty leadership over to Dr. Daniel Plante. Our current advisor is Dr. Hala ElAarag.

Stetson ACM boasts a dedication to the support and study of computer technologies to this day, epitomized by the Annual Programming Contest it holds each year for high school students. The Contest affords students the opportunity to earn scholarships and provide their schools with new, quality computing equipment. In addition to supporting the understanding and study of technologies, Stetson ACM strives to bring new enthusiasm and energy into the Computer Science department year after year by supporting majors who need help and creating a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.


Professional and Career-Development

Mission statement

We attempt to encourage and enhance interest in and the understanding of the concepts of computer operations and their development, and to explore and promote an understanding both within the organization and the local community of the importance of computers in our modern society.

Meeting Day


Meeting Time

6:00 PM

Meeting Location

Elizabeth Hall Room 210

Membership Process

How does a student become a member of your organization?

Contact any member of the Executive Board, or simply appear at a scheduled meeting.

President's name

Kathryn Sarullo

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Other officer name

Richard Roe

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Advisor Name

Joshua Eckroth

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Stetson Values

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  • Intellectual Development