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2017-2018 ASUSF Funding Application

Any officially registered student organization is eligible to apply for funding for the internal development of their organization, for conference or travel costs, or for planning on-campus events. Each application will be reviewed by the ASUSF Finance Committee. Please plan ahead and submit your application at least 8 academic weeks in advance (12 academic weeks if requesting more than $5,000).

What is an 'academic week'? - A period of time in which the University of San Francisco uses to measure a quantity of study, and full functionality of the university and services provided to students. 

Example of what is not an academic week - Thanksgiving week in which Students, Faculty and University Services are off and not in operation on Thursday and Friday. Inability to meet this deadline may affect the requested budget by means of penalties, future requests, etc.

Please use one of our prepared budget templates that can be downloaded HERE.

Please keep in mind that no funding is guaranteed and all requests must be approved prior to any expenses being made or reimbursed. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact ASUSF Senate Vice President of Finance, Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez at

For additional information and support, please refer to the funding packet, which can be found at the bottom of our Senate ASUSF Funding website page.


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