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Welcome to ASUSF Senate's Orgsync Page!

As the representatives for the undergraduate students, our organization is wholly invested in the lives of students at our university. We hope to achieve efficiency in our mission by keeping those individuals updated on our progress as well as being a dependable resource to answer their questions.We also attend to their concerns, all while serving as a collaborative partner and accessory to the greater USF community.

Most importantly, however, we are excited about the all of possibilities for growth and change during this exciting time of our school’s history. Feel free to contact us any time by email or in person on the University Center 4th Floor.

Shaya Kara
ASUSF Senate President

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We, the undergraduate students of the University of San Francisco, in pursuit of academic, ethical, and spiritual excellence for ourselves and our University, do establish this Constitution of the Associated Students of the University of San Francisco. Pledging ourselves to the development of the whole person, the ideals and values of the Jesuit tradition, and to the search for truth and human understanding in all facets of USF community life, we place our trust in God to guide us in all our endeavors. We are bound to protect and uphold, to the best of our ability, the rights and privileges guaranteed to our members by this constitution and the Institutional Policy on Student Freedoms and Responsibilities.




Please upload your most updated constitution. Please remember to update the "Adopted on" (if amendments were made) or "Reviewed On" (if no amendments were done) date.

President Name or Equivalent

Shaya Kara

President USF Email Address
Vice President Name or Equivalent

Francesca Bitton

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Henna Samtani

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Advisor's Name

Brittany Sanguma

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