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To register for Fall 2017 Membership, come to First General Meeting for more info!

Welcome to the OrgSync Home Page of Kasamahan at USF!

Upon entering this 2017-2018 school year, we encourage you to look through all our Kasamahan events, programs, and festivities. From our KATE (Kuya-Ate Program) to community events like our SOMA Tour, there are many different opportunities for you to get involved, whether you're Filipino or not!

For more information about how you can get involved or connect with us, check out our official website at and follow us on social media @usfkasamahan!

Portal Information


"Kasamahan is the Filipino-American Student Organization of the University of San Francisco

The general purpose of Kasamahan is to promote the unity and solidarity of the Philippine American community by creating a campus wide environment that assertively affirms the richness and uniqueness of the many cultural experiences of members and by actively involving educational and pre-professional programs that aid the group in the assessment, development, and actualization of each members human potential and personal talents. Kasamahan also strives to share, encourage participation, and educate others of the Filipino culture and community issues."



Officer #1: First and Last Name (legal name)

Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez

Preferred Name

Aileen Cai

Advisor's Name

Janessa Rozal and Danielle Castillo

Advisor's USF Email Address