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Organization Overview

Our student group is an organization comprised of students in the School Counseling program at UW-River Falls. It is our goal to involve students in our program in the various activities of school counseling, both at our school and in the surrounding area. All school counseling students are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and activities. Meeting times and dates do vary. They are typically held bi-monthly either on Mondays or Thursdays at 7:15pm and last about an hour. We will send out a notice on the school counseling list-serve and facebook specifying meeting times, dates, and locations.

Category Academic/Major Related
Keywords counseling, student counseling, high school counseling, middle school counseling, elementary school counseling, K-12,
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Laura Favreau

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Jack Pauly

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Constitition and Bylaws

You must submit a constitution and bylaws which are to remain public for students, staff and visitors to view.

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Caroline Baker

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