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Sisters and Brothers of Islam is an organization dedicated to bringing Muslims and non-Muslims together on campus. It offers Muslims the opportunity to meet and expand their knowledge of Islam while providing a safe and welcoming place where those interested in Islamic culture and values can ask questions.

Fall 2014 Update: We meet every Thursday at 7 pm in the basement of Hathorne Hall.

We will also hold several campus-wide events throughout the semester, which may or may not fall on one of our regular meeting days. However, any schedule changes will be posted on Orgsync in advance. 

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The Sisters and Brothers of Islam purpose, as stated in their constitution; "the purpose of this organization is to create dialog, share knowledge and understanding about Islam between students." SBI is a newly created student organization on campus to help students of all backgrounds to come together and gain a better understanding of Islam. As urged by friends, and an idea among several friends, we have decided that the creation of SBI would be a great addition to the UWRF campus since there is a need to fill the gap of misunderstanding between Muslim and non-Muslim students. Our site:



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Mohammad Battah

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Dr. Imtiaz Moosa

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