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Welcome to Oaks!

Every week we join together in large group to listen to speakers and student testimonies.  We have ice breakers, small group discussions, and worship time before breaking into bible studies to read the Word of God together.

We meet on Wednesdays starting at 7pm in the Trimbelle Room, University Center.

Please let us know if this meeting time does not work in your schedule and we can have someone meet up with you at a more convenient time in your week.

Again, Welcome!



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Oaks motto-
'Rooted in Christ and cultivating others'

Oaks meets weekly to read through passages of biblical scripture and discuss their meaning and relevance in our lives today. Oaks has many members who meet in smaller groups at a given day and time depending on the schedules of the members involved.

Bible Studies are led by predetermined male and female leaders within the group. They take us through certain passages of the Bible and lead the discussion as we break down the verses to understand them in their scriptural and historical context. We do not debate the validity of God's Word; we only try to understand what the Word is trying to tell the world, and through His Word, we discover God's will for our lives.

This organization was previously associated with the Navigators Christian Organization represented across the nation and world. However, the UW-River Falls Chapter has recently branched off as its own organization under the name of Oaks. The organization remain close friends with the Navigators, as its members often participate in Navigator sponsored events.

For the past few years, Oaks has been headed up by Charlie Hokanson, a man who has lead Bible discussions and discipled students one-to-one for over 30 years. At least fifteen of those years were here at UW-River Falls. In addition to his experience Charlie is fluent in Greek, the language that the original manuscripts of the Bible were written in, and reads out of the Greek bible. He also is very familiar with the Bible and is definitely, as II Timothy 2:15 exhorts all believers to be, "a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth."

If you would like to know anything else please contact the group administrators.



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