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Organization Overview

This team has grown in numbers since women have taken more interest in the sport and have expanded into high school, college, and post-collegiate leagues. We have a wide range of players with different levels of experience from playing all through high school or even starting their first year with our team. We are an energetic and fun team with dedication to loving the sport of Lacrosse! We compete in games and tournaments locally as well as nationally representing UWRF! We have socials like BBQ's, team dinners, and going out to lacrosse or other UWRF sporting events. We also have socials with the Men's Lacrosse team. We have fundraisers to help support our players and to pay for dues of the league.

Category Sports/Recreation
Keywords Women, lacrosse, club sports
Main Contact Name

Rachel Stahura

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Courtney Hable

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Vice President

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Constitition and Bylaws

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On-Campus Advisor

Tiffany Gaulke

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715-425-4289 x107