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Org Resources

These are some resources for Org Leaders.  Please feel free to use them and direct your other officers and members to these helpful links.  

Commonly Used Info

    Here you will find a list of acronyms, phone numbers, and websites essential to making your Org run smoothly.

    Here is a page telling you where posters go.  It includes the 'Disabilities Statement" too.

FAQ Org Financial Office

    Here you will find the answers to some of your questions regarding OFO and your Org's finances.


    Here is a website that will help you and your org with almost anything.  It has numerous links so check it out.

Event Planning

    Here you will find advice on where to start planning an event.

Event Checklist

    Here you will find a timeline of what needs to be done before an Org's event.

Contract Process

     Here you will find a helpful hand out of what is needed to create a contract.


     Here you will find a few locations an event can be help on campus.

* Dining Services

     Here you will find a Student Org pricing guide that A'Viands has provided for all your catering needs.  

* Promoting your Org and your Events

     Here you will find a guide to numerous free ways to get your Org out there.

* Advisors Resource

     Here are the guidelines for all advisors.