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 First:      Make sure you have browsed our existing orgs- there is no point in
              starting an org if an org already exists to do what you want to do.  It takes 2   
              UW Green Bay students and one advisor (who must be a UW Green Bay faculty or
              staff member)to form an org.

Second:   You need to create an account in Orgsync and login to your account.  Click the      
               "Login" button (above) to get started.  You'll need to find Wisconsin and UW-Green
                Bay.  Start filling in the forms to create your account.

Third:    Click the "Join an Org" buttton.  Now click the "Organizations" button, and then the 
               "Register a New Organization" button.

Fourth:    You need some information handy:

               A short description of your org (we used to call this a "Mission Statement").

               The names, email addresses, and phone numbers of at least one other
               org officer, who will be a fund officer (along with yourself), and an Advisor,
               who must be a faculty or staff member.  These people will need to have
               created accounts in orgsync. 

               To create an account, go to
      , and
               start filling in the forms. Remember to click the box to accept the user agreement.
               Once you've created an account, join your org (on the menu bar on your home
               page). If you need a password, try "uwgb", without the quote marks.


Fifth:        Start filling in the form!

               Make sure you click the box at the end that says "I Agree", and remember to  
               click "Finish".

               The individuals you listed (including yourself) will receive a notification from Orgsync  
               and asked to approve the registration form. Your registration cannot be approved
               without this approval step.

              At least two members need to be oriented. Those two people will find an            
              orientation video they can watch inside the VIDEO section of this page.

              After viewing the video, they need take a quiz, click here

              Be sure to put your 
first and last name, as well as your Org name in the box     
              that asks for a name. 

              A score of 12 out of 13 is required to pass the quiz. We will check your results and 
              update your registration progress within a day or two.
  You can see a file
                 (Org Registration Progress Report) in the FILES section of your org portal that will
                 show you what steps you still need to take.