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Re-Registering an Org

There are 3 steps to re-registration now—all of them must be completed in order to re-register your org!
1) One is updating your org profile (including having the appropriate approvals).
2) Orientation via video file and having 2 members pass a quiz.
3) Complete End of the Year Reports & email them to  .

As usual, one person will enter data for the org. That person needs to have org administrator (admin) status in Orgsync. Any current admin can make another member/officer into an admin. You will need the names, phone numbers and email addresses of your advisor, president, and at least one other fund officer. All of these people will need to have Orgsync accounts and be members of your org in Orgsync.  The officers must be students enrolled at UW Green Bay.

When you have gathered this information, open your org’s portal in Orgsync, and scroll down the menu bar on the left until you come to  "Settings". Click it, then click  “Org Profile”. Update the information there for the advisor and each of the fund officers.

Even if the information is the same, this needs to be re-entered after April 1 every year!

Make sure you click the box at the end that says "I Agree", and remember to click "Finish".

The individuals listed (including the person who created the listing—you need to do this approval part too) will receive a notification from Orgsync and asked to approve the registration form. Your re-registration cannot be approved without this approval step.

At least two members need to be oriented. Those two people will find an orientation video they can watch inside the VIDEO section of your org portal.

After viewing the video, they need take a quiz, located at: .  Be sure to put your first and last name, as well as your Org.  A score of 12 out of 13 is required to pass the quiz. We will check your results and update your registration progress within a day or two.

END OF THE YEAR REPORTS: The blank reports are found in the FILES section of your org
portal. Email these reports to  .

Members List-- we need to know who your members are.

Community Service Report-- a simple listing of all Community Service activities for the
year. We need to know how many people volunteered where
and how much time each individual spent volunteering at that
time & place.

You can now see a series of items at the bottom of your org profile that details what steps still need to be taken and whether your org is fully registered or not. Please note that it will take a day or so for those steps to be updated after you have completed them. This part, sadly, is not automated yet.