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Welcome to ASO! Where accountants in training prepare to be accountants in practice!
Our organization's mission is to promote the study and practice of accounting, provide opportunities for self-development and association among student members and practicing accountants, encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities, as well as recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting.

The MSU Accounting Student Organization (ASO) is dedicated to providing undergraduate accounting majors with professional networking opportunities designed to develop and enhance the skills and relationships essential to an accounting career. ASO hosts events that teach students about the different fields of accounting, skills to getting hired, as well as provides community service and social opportunities. The ASO is open to all students with an interest in accounting.
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Dear Students, Accounting Student Organization (ASO) is taking a step to go green. There is the option of becoming the MEMBER with a hassle free paper work using your computer, laptop or even in your phone. It will take only 5-10 minutes to join the ASO and become the part of the ASO family. Please use the information below to join the ASO online:




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The ASO is an organization for accounting students. We provide a forum that allows you to socialize with other accounting students and professors. We present the opportunity to get to know one another better outside of the classroom. The ASO provides essential information on scholarships, employment opportunities, resume writing, and interviewing tips. Our meetings are well attended by members of local, regional, and Big Four accounting firms, as well as professionals and accountants from private business and industry.


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Friday Evenings

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President (Primary Officer)

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Cameron Tavares

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Vice President (Secondary Officer)

Blake Lovell

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Robin Stearman

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Luis Paredes

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James Murphy

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Greg Clifton


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