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Psychology Assoc

Welcome to FSU's Student Psychology Association!

Student Psychology Association (SPA) is an organization committed to helping those with an interest in psychology. This help comes in the form of aiding in the decision of which field of study to pursue and emphasizing important components necessary for getting into graduate school, among other things. The organization is capable of attending and creating events on campus, utilizing committees to execute special interests, and becoming an outlet for social entertainment. SPA strives to become a well-known organization on campus that will be beneficial, not only to psychology majors, but those who have a general interest in the field. Please feel free to attend meetings at any time; we would be delighted to have you.

SPA is a great way to get involved within the field at FSU.  If you have any questions about the organization or want to be part of a something fun and productive, do not hesitate to join or ask questions.  

Thank you for your interest.

First Meeting: Monday, January 27, 2013, 6:00 pm, FLITE 438

Meeting Day and Time:  Monday, 6:00 pm.

Meeting Location:  FLITE 438

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