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Organization Overview

We are an up and coming RSO on campus. Our current project and biggest goal is to become a Five Star. Our projects include: hosting the Polar Bear Run, participating in Relay for Life, The Big Event, and visiting various physical therapy facilities such as Metron, Evergreen, PT Plus, Mecosta General, and Great Lakes Physical Therapy. The Pre-Physical Therapy Club enjoys multiple visits to other college campuses to visit future graduate schools and attending the fine events around the FSU campus.

Category College of Arts & Science
Keywords Physical, Therapy, PT
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Meeting Day
  • Thursday
Meeting Time

11:00 AM

Meeting Location

At one of the long tables near the windows on the 2nd floor of FLITE

Meeting Details

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We meet every other Tuesday! During the meetings, we talk about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, future visits to PT schools, etc. Practice for the GRE as well as information of applying to PT school is also available. We also have a Facebook page, and if you would like to be added to that, then you can e-mail the President for more information!

President Name

Ciera Strudwick

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Campus Advisor Name

Dr. Daisy Daubert

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If you are interested in Physical Therapy or you want to visit some potential graduate schools for PT, then we are the place you should come! We also offer volunteer and service opportunities every semester. We'd love to have you at the next meeting!

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