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Welcome to the Ferris State Chapter of American Chemical Society

General Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 11:00am in Starr 233


Questions or need study guides contact

Jeffrey Reardon

(248) 912 - 8774

Additional Member Contacts

Vice President: Johnson Tran (810) 853 - 9113

Treasurer: Janna Goyola (708) 297 - 8709

Secretary: Abby Demaet (616) 634 - 4843

Event Coordinator: Teddi Stothers (248) 225 - 9813

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The Ferris State University American Chemical Society Student Chapter is comprised of chemistry based majors and minors plus other people with a general interest in chemistry. We participate in many science-based activities throughout Ferris State, the Big Rapids community and the surrounding area. Members of ACS also have the opportunity to travel to meetings and conventions to learn about the most recent developments in science, possible career options, and to meet new people that may help them in the future.


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Meeting Day
  • Thursday
Meeting Time

11:00 AM

Meeting Location

Starr 233

Meeting Details

What else should people know about your meetings? Do you only meet once a month? Do attendees need to be added to an agenda? Is the location hard to find? If attendees need ADA accommodations, whom should they contact?

Meetings are every second and fourth Thursday of the month. Contact Abigail DeMaet for more information.


Does your organization have a mission statement, catch phrase, or other marketing description? Information provided here may be used in university publications, websites, or other materials.

Chemistry for life.

Selection Process

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All applications are accepted. We are an equal-opportunity RSO and we do not discrimination base on ones background, ethnicity, race, or grades. Our members will provide any means of help to the best our ability for members to pursue their degree.

What do you want people to know about your group?

Why should people join? What makes your group special? What will students gain by being a member?

Students interested in joining the Ferris State University American Chemical Society will have the opportunity to advance by expanding their knowledge and experience through a broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of earth and its people.


Does your group have a fundraising, volunteer, or service initiative? Do you consistently work with a non profit organization?

We fundraise through club tee shirts and small trinkets. We also have volunteer opportunities that we participate in such as the Water plant, big event, career week, relay for life, and adopt a highway.

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