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Next meeting is Tuesday, February 17th at 11 am in FLITE 214.

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We strive to improve our campus and the environment through the act of recycling and educating more sustainable methods of living. Our major goal this year is to make recycling more easily accessible to all students and faculty. The cornerstone of the group is the 3 Rs mentality, which is reduce, reuse, and recycle. The 3 R's are incorporated into each hosted event in order to display a few of the thousands of ways to practice them. Hopefully, more and more individuals are getting pumped for bettering the health of the earth and themselves by witnessing and/or participating in our efforts. Let's grow greener together!


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  • Tuesday
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11:00 AM

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We meet every other Tuesday to sign up for volunteer hours and organize fundraising and social events. In addition, we utilize our meeting time to discuss topics related to the 3 R's and environmental sustainability. We share videos and have open discussion to get our thoughts out there and get the ball rolling on new ideas that could make campus a greener place.

Meetings usually do not run too long, so students can grab a quick bite to eat before class at noon.

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Michael Williams

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Paul Klatt

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Our group is committed to working locally to improve the social, economical, and environmental well being of our community.

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Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join!

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We are currently working on implementing recycling campus wide. We are also doing some events to let students know who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.


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Majority of the money helps us continue to put on great events during the year!

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