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Executive Committee

This committee consists of all Student Association Student Senate Directors, the Ethics Chair, the AFAB Chair, the F&F Chair, the Vice President, and the President.

  • Generally advising the Student Association Student Senate and Student Association.
  • Coordinating the work of the Student Association Student Senate.
  • Orientating and educating new Student Association Student Senators as to their responsibilities.
  • Recommending to the Student Association Student Senate a summer senator if the elected Student Association Student Senate President is not able to fulfill the duties of the summer senator.
  • Setting goals for the Student Association Student Senate operations.


Current Membership

  • Student Senate President - Samuel Tauchen
  • Student Senate Vice President - Anthony Sumnicht
  • Shared Governance Director - Dominic Riel
  • Student Affairs and Academic Services Director - Hannah Klingfus
  • Legislative Affairs Director - Matthew Shutey
  • Inclusivity and Diversity Issues Committee - David Hathaway
  • Allocable Fee Appropriation Board Chair - Bobbi O'Brien
  • Facilities and Fees Board Chair - Brooke Frelich