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Theta Chi Fraternity was founded by Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase at Norwich University in Vermont on April 10, 1856. Today, it is one of the oldest and largest men's fraternities in North America.

Freeman and Chase established the Fraternity's motto of "An Assisting Hand" and indicated the members of Theta Chi would do all in their power to help each other in any way possible. They further stated in Theta Chi's first Constitution that the purpose of the Fraternity is "to bind by closer bonds the members to each other," "the advancement of any measures at the institutions where it is established which shall be of importance to its members," and "the mutual benefit and improvement of all its members."

Today, the values of the organization are most publicly expressed in "The Creed of Theta Chi Fraternity" that was written by Frank H. Schrenk, Kappa/University of Pennsylvania '15. The Creed speaks to, among other things, the values of True Friendship, Truth, Temperance, Tolerance, and Loyalty to Alma Mater.

Built on these solid traditions and ideals, Theta Chi has flourished. The Fraternity has been established on over 218 college campuses in the United States and Canada and has over 160,000 initiated members. From Theta Chi's ranks have come leaders in industry, the sciences, law, medicine, education, military, and government at all levels.

Theta Chi Fraternity exists to serve a need for young men of character, principles and ideals to associate with each other. Our chapters and colonies are laboratories for leadership. Our undergraduates grow, mature, and develop through interaction with other outstanding young men.

Most importantly, our chapters and colonies provide the support for excellence that is sorely needed today on campuses. Our brotherhood is broad based and diverse but it reflects our motto of "An Assisting Hand" -- that the most important duty that we have is to assist each other, our Alma Mater, and our communities. Young men today are in need of that support, perhaps more than ever before. Theta Chi Fraternity squarely meets that need.

If our founders, Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur Chase, could see us today, surely they would be pleased. We are the international organization they envisioned, and we have kept inviolate the ideals and concepts that they held so dear. Put simply, Theta Chi Fraternity helps its members to become "Better Friends, Better Students, and Better Men."


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