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You Beautiful Black Woman

Sisterhood Poem



Laugh and I'll laugh with you

Weep and I'lll weep with you,

For whatever comes to assail you is there to

assail me too.

Work and I'll work with you

Right and I'll fight too,

For whatever barrier needs breaking can be

broken by sisterhood.

Think and I'll think with you

Dream and I'll dream too,

For a few share such visions as are shared in


Worship and I'll worship with you

Love and I'll love too,

For these are things worth doing

and can be done in sisterhood.

-Antoinette Steanhouse-

Portal Information


You Beautiful Black Woman is composed of students from various backgrounds, for the purpose of unification through friendship, leadership, and scholarship. Through this process our mission is to make ourselves useful in assisting female students in their families, campus, and communities. We further believe that through educational. mental, physical, and social development, we will not only culturally enhance Ferris States' campus, but we will increase the societal awareness as well.



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