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Welcome to Org Sync, Social Work style!

Thanks for checking us out.  Weekly meeting minutes are posted under the files button on the above tool bar, as well as our group Facebook Page. If you need anything or have questions please email or message. We hope to see you on Thursday!


Nick Hadley


Vice President

Tammy Crawford



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Social Work Association is open to all Ferris State Social Work students, both BSW and MSW level. We are involved on campus and within the greater Big Rapids community. We focus on the Social Work core values of: service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. Throughout the academic year we host and co-sponsor different events. We also host fundraisers and volunteer on and off campus.


College of Arts & Science

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Meeting Day
  • Thursday
Meeting Time

11:00 AM

Meeting Location

Starr 114

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Meetings are held once a week and both new/returning students are welcome at every meeting. At meetings, we sign in, discuss volunteer opportunities, discuss campus and community events and plan our own campus wide events. We take time to be social, hear news from members, and hear member input. Meetings vary in length depending on the participation, but will not go past 11:50 a.m.


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The objectives the Social Work Association are to promote the social work program within the university and the community, maintain an activities program consistent with the social work values, provide community services consistent with social work ethics and values, and participate for the purpose of mutual benefit in an exchange of information and experience with related organizations all while operating for the benefit of its student members and the student body of Ferris State University.

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Must be enrolled in the Social Work program at Ferris State University

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In this organization, you are able to gain community service hours and experience working in committees planning events, network with your peers in social work and the Big Rapids community, and form friendships with a great group of people.


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We strive to be extremely involved on campus and in the community while advocating for social justice.

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