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2014 Use of Grounds/Solicitation Application

RSO's and businesses - Please complete form at least THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the event.

University Departments - Please complete this form at least TWO weeks prior to the event.

Submission deadline is strictly enforced. Work orders must be processed and additional charges may apply.

  • A copy of the material(s) to be distributed must accompany this application for approval.
  • A copy of this approval application must be in the Group's possession during the activity/solicitation.
  • University policies must be adhered to while on University property.
  • If this is any type of event where risk is involved (including but not limited to games, contests, walk/run races, car smashes, etc.) a Safety Plan and Waiver must be submitted and additional approvals will be required.
  • Sample plans and waivers can be found at

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.