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2014 RSO Fundraiser Registration Form

Submit this form for any activity where your group intends to collect money or goods. This form is due at least Three weeks or 15 business days from the day of the event.

This form can serve as a checklist for planning and executing activity for your RSO. Please answer all questions completely and accurately. All fundraising activities must adhere to University Policies and State of Michigan/Federal Laws. RSOs should be aware of specific policies/laws regarding Risk Management and University Trademark Licensing. Call the Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services at (231) 591 – 2685 for assistance.

Raffles must be approved by the State of Michigan Gaming Commission. For more information about Charitable Gaming, go to the website at

Fundraisers involving food or beverages must be approved through the Mecosta County Health Department. A special license may be required. Please contact them directly at (231) 592 – 0130.

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.