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Welcome to the Student Government Association!

The Student Government Association at Pace runs on a set of five core values:


Advocacy, to  advocate and serve as agents of change by speaking to administration and staff about concerns that students have voiced in an effort to make meaningful contributions within our campus, Community, to create a sense of community within our university through a culture of collaboration, diversity, due diligence, mutual respect, and open communication, Leadership, to act as student leaders and as role models to the student body as well as inspire and encourage  students of all classes and schools to grow in their own leadership styles, Service to Students, to assist and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth to our students, and Teamwork, to work together and collaborate with other student organizations to accomplish initiatives and to inspire Pace Pride.

Our goal is to provide students with resources to become involved in the Pace community, to provide them with an outlet to voice their concerns and to re-define the college experience.

We encourage you to explore leadership opportunities within the SGA by joining the Student Government Association in our weekly general meetings, every Tuesday during common hour (3:25-4:25) in room W512, while we discuss relevant topics and issues that affect the Pace Community! All are welcome to attend, and we love to hear all voices, we are here to represent you! Keep an eye out for your specific representative's office hours and emails to stay in touch!! 

We have an expansive network of alumni that have gone on to intern and work at prestigious companies such as NBC Universal, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Microsoft, go abroad to help those in need through the Global Medical Brigades, and attend summer programs such as the Harvard Business School Summer Venture in Management. 

Get Connected!

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Come to our weekly meetings:

Tuesdays during common hour 

3:25 - 4:25 PM in room W512!

Questions, Comments, Concerns? 

Please feel free to reach out to your SGA Representatives using the emails listed below! We are all here to represent you! If you have any topics regarding the Pace Community that would like to see discussed in our general meetings or have any questions about, please do not hesitate to contact your representative as well as the members of our Executive Board!  

Executive Board

Executive President: Nicole Ojeda -

Executive Vice President: Angie Siguenza - 

Executive Treasurer: Kelly Duterte -

Executive Secretary: Ersa Lybesha -

Executive Parliamentarian: Carter Boyd -

Class Representatives 

Freshman President: Lyric Bickham -

Freshman Vice President: Jocelyn Lissette Caballero -

Sophomore President: Alisson Meza -

Sophomore Vice President: Sydney Lieberman -

Junior Class President: Julianne Marder -

Junior Class Vice President: Betsy Amsalu -

Senior Class President: Rachel Moreno -

Senior Class Vice President: TBD 

College/School Representatives 

Dyson College of Arts & Sciences President: Gracie McGreevy -

Dyson College of Arts & Sciences Vice President:Tinley Johnson -

Lubin School of Business President: Daniel Atiyeh -

Lubin School of Business Vice President: Jordan B Galperin -

Seidenberg School of CIS President: Yogit Verma -

Seidenberg School of CIS Vice President: TBD 

Pace Performing Arts President: Cheyenne Anderson -

Pace Performing Arts Vice President: Brianna Boehm -

School of Education President: Theresa Ana Rodriguez -

School of Education Vice President: Dennis James Faiella -

College of Health Sciences President: Chelsea Rozie -

College of Health Sciences Vice President: Raven M Vaughan -

Budget Allocation Council Representatives 

Sophie Vissers -

Tyra Jackson -

Alex West-

Sarah Gibney-

Carolyn Smith-

Katherine Baldwin-

Thank you! 

Portal Information


The Student Government Association is a group of elected students that serve as a liaison between administrators and students. Our goal is to provide students with a resource to voice their complaints, plan events, start clubs and gain the college experience that they deserve!


Student Governance