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Hello and welcome to the Montclair State Food Systems Club!

- A food system is any aspect from the seed to the table including production, processing, marketing, distribution, consumption, and waste (as well as culture!).

- The purpose of our organization is to bring awareness to concepts revolving around our food, farm to table, culture, sustainability, history, religion, social, environmental and political aspects that fall into the realm of the Food System!

- All majors welcome as it somehow ties into the food system!

- Food affects every single aspect and discipline of our lives, often in ways which we don’t even realize. We want to highlight the importance of food as well as how it transcends through all aspects of life.

Come learn more about the Food System with us!

- Fall 2019 Meetings: Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:00pm, UNIV 3046


- E-mail:

Instagram: msufoodsystems









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The purpose of this organization is to bring awareness to Montclair's campus and explain to students about food issues.


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Class III

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  • Wednesday
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4:00 PM

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UNIV 3046

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