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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the JetNet portal. JetNet stands for the Jesuit Network, where we strive to form a connection between students, jesuits, scholastics, and other members of the Fordham community. We hope to see you at our holiday parties or reflections!

Portal Information


JesNet is short for The Jesuit Network. We serve as the bridge connecting Fordham students with the retired Jesuits living at Murray Weigel-- a retirement community housing 60+ Jesuits.

Many of the Jesuits are in their later years and with that comes issues such as: lack of family, limited mobility, and difficulties with technology. JesNet works to provide companionship for the Jesuits who have spent their lives serving others.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:
Field Trips
Event Planning
Group Discussion
Spiritual Reflection Sessions

This year, we are seeking to connect with the scholastics. We also seek to build a community among the students who volunteer, hence the "network" part of the name.



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