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Sober at CU?
Or looking for something different to do?

Living that healthy life?
Taking a break? Trying to cut back?
Come have fun with us!!!!

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We are substance free humans who want sober fun! We seek for adventure and excitement without substances. We wish to live that healthy life either for just one night, or as a lifestyle. We hike, we camp, watch movies, cook, dance, climb and more. And most importantly, we connect with other like minded people! All our fun is Substance free.



Student Organization Principal Activities, Events, or Programs

Please describe any annual events you plan, conference you attend, regularly scheduled meetings (location, time, etc.). This information appears publically on the directory so the more you provide, the easier it is for students to get involved.

Sober Buffs holds the annual Silent Disco On Ice, and we also have regular meeting that vary with specific time and location!

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

We promote substance free fun for everyone, sober or not, allowing a healthy outlet for safe discussion or just a great time with no pressures of substances!

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