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GRT Tennis Academy was founded in 2017 by Jasmin Zaragoza and Justin Snodgrass. They are both professional tennis coaches who teach students of all levels and ages. Jasmin Zaragoza, a student at Cal State East Bay, brought the game of tennis to the university. Now her, along with five other officers, Jenna, Anaei, Cynthia, Chandana and Hyle are working together to build a team. Anyone can play tennis, so come out and join this fun and exciting sport. 

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If you are someone who enjoys playing sports, and likes to be active then come join the GRT Tennis club. You don't have to be an expert to be part of this club, anyone can play. There will be beginners, intermediate, and experience players out on the courts. You don't have to know the game of tennis to join this club. There will always be coaches from the GRT Tennis Academy, and experience player out on the courts to help out. We will be playing games, matches, and hopefully as we grow, play against other clubs at different universities. If you do not have a tennis racquet then don't worry because all of the equipment will be provided. All you need is some water, shoes, and a smile on your face.


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Anyone can sign up to become a member. Professors, staff and students can be apart of the GRT Tennis Club.

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Jasmin Zaragoza

Officer #2 Position Title

Social Media Officer

Officer #2 Name


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Officer #3 Name

Cynthia Cheng

Officer #4 Position Title


Officer #4 Name

Hyle Campbell

Officer #5 Position Title

Match Play and Transportation

Officer #5 Name

Chandana Ravichandra

On-Campus Advisor Name

Elizabeth Wright

On-Campus Advisor Title

GRT Tennis Club Advisor


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The goal is to get a group of student to play a fun sport together. To get students to be more active, and have fun. We want to build relationships within our club by teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment. This club is not just about learning the game, but learning how to work with others and staying positive.

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Physical/Fitness events, Be Active, Matches, Games, tournaments

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