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Welcome to the official CougSync page for the WSU Graduate and Professional Student Science Policy Initiative (GPSSPI)!

Portal Information


The purpose of GPSSPI is to engage graduate and professional student science policy advocates in the policy making process. This will encompass three primary goals:

1.) Networking: Catalyzing collaboration between graduate and professional student science advocates and policy makers.
2.) Education: Providing resources and information to graduate students regarding science policy issues, science policy careers, and science advocacy opportunities.
3.) Advocacy: Advancing science policy issues at the local, state and federal level.


Graduate & Professional

Physical Location

Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Primary Email
Meeting Day

Third Tuesday of the month

Meeting Time

4:45-6 PM

Meeting Location

BLS 201

General Description

Provide a description and purpose of the organization.

The Washington State University Graduate and Professional Student Science Policy Initiative RSO aims to bring graduate student science advocates together to organize around the shared goals of facilitating dialogue on important scientific issues, increasing science literacy in our communities, and informing our communities on often complex, but crucial scientific topics. Additionally, we hope to serve as a conduit for those graduate and professional students at WSU-Pullman interested in science policy.

Membership Requirements

Please describe any membership requirements.

Section 1: Regular membership. Voting members of this organization shall consist of regularly enrolled full-time graduate students of Washington State University who have registered their membership through CougSync. Interested undergraduate students and post-doctoral scholars may also be considered for membership. Where applicable, members must be in good academic standing with the university and should have expressed a genuine interest in science policy and advocacy. Membership should remain at least 51% comprised of graduate and professional students to be eligible for GPSA RSO funding.

Section 2: Honorary or associate membership. Non-voting members may consist of WSU employees or non-students. Honorary membership may be extended to past members of GPSSPI upon a majority vote by the active membership. Honorary membership may also be extended to esteemed guests of the GPSSPI who promote and advance the ideals upheld by the organization upon a majority vote by the active membership.

Section 3: Participation. All official members registered through CougSync will be required to serve on one of the Standing Committees (see Article VII) to facilitate participation within GPSSPI.

Section 4: Non-discrimination clause. Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies, this organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, veteran’s status, sex, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation or disability in its selection of members. Members should also be cognizant of their privilege in all organizational operations, providing space and opportunity to those afforded less privilege when possible and appropriate, and striving toward the goal of equitable representation of all members irrespective of the aforementioned categories.

Section 5: Partisanship clause. No member of GPSSPI shall advocate for a directly partisan issue as a representative of the organization, and GPSSPI as an organization shall not partake in partisanship. In accordance with this dictum, all GPSSPI sponsored events should aim to include all political perspectives relevant to a particular issue in the pursuit of intellectually rigorous, scientifically sound and unbiased political education and advocacy.

Section 6: Lobbying clause. No member of GPSSPI shall engage in lobbying activities on behalf of WSU or GPSSPI. All interactions with politicians or other policy makers should therefore avoid the advancement of specific policy solutions.

Section 7: If the need arises, members may be removed from the GPSSPI contingent upon a majority vote by the voting membership and approval of the Executive Board and Advisor.


Please upload a constitution for the group. A template has been provided on the community homepage.

Officer #1

Provide the name, position, and contact information for each officer.

Benjamin Lee



Officer #2

Provide the name, position, and contact information for each officer.

Naomi Wallace


Vice President

Officer #3

Provide the name, position, and contact information for each officer.

Halle Weimar



Officer #4

Provide the name, position, and contact information for each officer.

Nick Pokorzynski




Provide the name of the faculty/staff/graduate assistant serving as advisor.

Dr. Kay Brothers

Advisor's Email Address

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