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Bienvenidos!! Welcome to the Latino Pre-Health Student Association (LPHSA) family where we celebrate our heritage and passion for medicine. LPHSA takes pride in our latino culture while exploring the wonders of the medical field and our academics. Let us use where we've come from to propel us to where we aspire to be!

"We are the future of this country. And we have proven we have talent. Now we need the tools to succeed."       - Shakira 

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The purpose of this organization serves to mold successful Latinos to go out into the professional health field and impact their community through the different volunteer opportunities. It also serves as a tool to build professional connections and make life long friendships in a warm, vibrant enviornment.



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LPHSA strives to propel curious young minds to explore the many aspects of the medical field by exposing them to the dilemmas not only in the waco community, but also outside, activating their desire to serve and help.

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