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Welcome to NUS Mountaineering Club!

NUS Mountaineering (MIR) started off in 2001 as a dream of some of Singapore's pioneer alpinists. The Make It Real programme has since evolved into a full-fledged Interest Group - with a strong community of aspiring climbers, and with beginners introduced to the mountains biannually with Technical Mountaineering Courses. 

If you'd like to explore new ground with us, fill in our Mailing List here and we'll keep you updated. Similarly, do RSVP to our upcoming events if you'd be interested in joining us. We'd love to meet you!

Don't hesitate to drop us a message should you have any questions.

Facebook: NUS Mountaineering
Instagram: @nus_mountaineering

Portal Information


The 'Make It Real' programme was founded in 2001 by members of Singapore's First Everest Team - all pioneering alpinists in the mountaineering scene in Singapore. These climbers included Dr Robert Goh and Mr Edwin Siew, who passed on not only mountaineering skills and techniques, but a passion for climbing to our inaugural team of members in MIR1.

Since then, the rest has been history.

To date, members of our community have climbed mountains all over the world. Highlights include the NUS Centennial Everest Expedition and the Singapore Women’s Everest Expedition.

Today, our mission to spread the spirit of mountaineering throughout the NUS community are being realised through our regular mountaineering courses and trips. In recent years, NUS students have climbed in the Himalayas, Alps and Tian Shan mountain ranges. We are proud to have, every semester, sent NUS’s aspiring mountaineers overseas to learn mountaineering skills and ignite their passion for the mountains.



Organisation Mission/Vision

To Ignite the Spirit of Mountaineering.

Ascending Mountains, Transcending Peaks.

Organisation Objective(s)

Please list your objectives for the next year.

Objectives for AY18/19:
1. Minimum 2 Technical Mountaineering Course Teams.
2. Completion of Physical, Technical training and MIR Challenge by the Semester’s Technical Mountaineering Course Team.
3. Ensure that all projects as per the Executive Committees annual agenda are duly executed, such projects include: “Overseas Trips", "Make Love Real”, “Student Life Fair”, “Tea Sessions” and additional trips for the benefit of the club.
4. Overhauling logistics and loaning system such that the history and condition of items are more comprehensive and accessible.
5. Source for subsidies and sponsorship to make trips for affordable for members.

Selection Process/ Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organisation's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Full membership of the club shall be confined to students of NUS, which include matriculated undergraduate and graduate students.

Newly recruited members shall commit at least one semester to the Club’s activities. These members can choose to be part of the Executive Committee or as regular members of NUS Mountaineering’s trainings.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

We will have 6-7 Technical Theory lessons that are compulsory for team members and it will be on a Monday/Wednesday at the Utown Rock Wall.

We train on Tuesdays, Thursdays (staircase runs + calisthenics) and Saturdays (Bukit Timah staircase training with loads from 5kg – 18kg). Every week except reading week. Intensity of training increases gradually.