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New Files in 2018 Contest Winners

PDF “Obscuring Gender into Oneness: in Canto 21 of ‘Song of Myself,’” by Minh Vu ’20. ENGL 127: Readings in American Literature, Professor Caleb Smith. 96.0 KB
PDF “Vision, Voice, and Women in The Winter’s Tale,” by Oriana Tang ’19. ENGL 200: Shakespeare, Comedies & Romances, Professor Catherine Nicholson, Teaching Fellow Clay Greene. 90.1 KB
PDF “License to Build: Readership and Authorship in Pynchon and Melville,” by Marc Shkurovich ’19. ENGL 127: Readings in American Literature, Professor John Durham Peters. 115.2 KB
PDF “Dancing with Knives: Voguing and Black Vernacular Dance,” by Eliza Robertson ’18. THST 380: History of Dance, Professor Brian Seibert. 78.8 KB
PDF “Across the Islands: Lexical and Phonetic Variation in Hawai‘ian Dialects,” by Jackson Petty ’21. LING 112: Historical Linguistics, Professor Jonathan Manker, Teaching Fellow Martín Fuchs. 2.3 MB
PDF “Following Thread: Understanding History and Materiality in Frida Kahlo’s Clothes,” by Deborah Monti ’19. HIST 358J: Mexico Since Independence, Professor Gilbert Joseph. 2.0 MB
PDF “Self-Service,” by Lucy McCurdy ’21. ENGL 120: Reading and Writing the Modern Essay, Professor Andrew Ehrgood. 56.4 KB
PDF “The Presentation of Disability in Everyday Life,” by Jack Lattimore ’20. SOCY 152: Topics in Contemporary Social Theory, Professor Ron Eyerman, Teaching Fellow Roger Baumann. 149.4 KB
PDF “City of Elms: The Myth of the Urban Pastoral,” by Rebecca Ju ’21. EVST 120: American Environmental History, Professor Paul Sabin, Teaching Fellow Kelly Goodman. 1.0 MB
PDF “Entrepreneur, Democrat, Patriot: Sameness and Difference in Charles Willson Peale’s Philadelphia Museum,” by Jordan Cutler-Tietjen ’20. HUMS 220: Collecting Nature and Art, 1500–1850, Professor Paola Bertucci, Teaching Fellow Sarah Pickman. 686.3 KB
PDF “Having Her Pie and Eating It Too: Sara Bareilles’ Representation of Women through the Convergence of Singer-Songwriter, Stage Character, and Composer in Waitress: The Musical,” by Sofía Campoamor ’20. MUSI 335: Women on Stage. 140.0 KB
PDF “Neurometabolic Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease,” by Ludivine Brunissen ’19. BENG 485: Fundamentals of Neuroimaging, Professors D.S. Fahmeed Hyder and Douglas L. Rothman, Teaching Fellow John J. Walsh. 3.1 MB

New Files in 2007 Contest Winners

PDF “Suffering and Redemption in the Eyes of Lincoln,” by Katerina Apostolides ’06. PLSC 314: Lincoln—Principle, Statesmanship, and Persuasion, Professors Steven Smith and David Bromwich. 227.5 KB
PDF “Fixing Poverty: What Government Can and Cannot Do To Make America Better,” by James Kirchick ’06. PLSC 203: Inequality and American Democracy, Professor Jacob S. Hacker, Teaching Fellow Nicole Kazee. 173.8 KB
PDF “That Make the Strong Heart Weak,” by Justin Jannise ’09. FILM 099: Film and the Arts, Professor Dudley Andrew. 181.9 KB
PDF “The Photograph: A Personal Exploration,” by Hannah Shearer ’09. FILM 099: Film and the Arts, Professor Dudley Andrew. 1.0 MB
PDF “Telling a Lie to Save a Life: Kant’s Moral Failure and Mill’s Mere Suitability,” by Brian Earp ’10. Directed Studies: Philosophy, Professor Gregory Ganssle. 255.0 KB
PDF “The Cost of Duty-Free and Duty: John Stuart Mill’s Failed Critique of Immanuel Kant, and Further Critiques of Both Philosophers,” by Noah Lawrence ’09. Directed Studies: Philosophy, Professor Jonathan Gilmore. 87.3 KB
PDF “Infants’ Use of Kind Information in Object Individuation and Implications for Conceptual Development,” by Elizabeth Rawson ’07. PSYC 140: Developmental Psychology, Professor Frank Keil. 175.5 KB
PDF “Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research,” by Jurist Tan ’09. BENG 090: Stem Cells: Science & Politics, Professor Erin Lavik. 169.5 KB
PDF “The Corrective Lens of Satire,” by Benjamin Solarz ’09. ENGL 114: Writing Seminars I, Professor Alfred E. Guy Jr. 178.9 KB
PDF “Heart and Soul,” by Meredith Williams ’09. ENGL 125: Major English Poets, Professor Leslie Brisman. 93.5 KB

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