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Welcome to Active Minds at Pace University, changing the conversation of mental health on campus!

  • Be apart of a movement to change the conversation about mental health at Pace and across the country
  • Meet like-minded, committed people who can become your community on campus
  • Enhance skills in program planning, advocacy, marketing, and leadership
  • Remember to have fun!

If mental health is something that interests you or you are passionate about, join Active Minds. We seek to promote a dialogue about mental health at Pace University by holding events such as our Let's Talk About It series, therapy dogs, Wellness Week with SGA and more! Our campus will be happier and healthier when we have an open dialogue around issues of mental health, so join the conversation & let's eliminate stigma together.


2019 Setter Leadership Award Winner: New Student Organization of the Year

2020 Setter Leadership Award Winner: Student Organization of the Year and Outstanding Innovative Program of the Year 

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Active Minds is a non-profit organization that changes the conversation to speak openly and in a positive tone about mental health in hopes to educate others and encourage seeking help. Our purpose is to change the culture on campus at Pace University in a community to provide information, leadership opportunities, and how to be a member of advocacy for mental health. Through programs and campus events, Active Minds at Pace University purpose is to serve as a liaison between the students and the mental health community.