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Welcome to PCs for Refugees at ASU! 

We believe that computers are a necessity in today’s world. PCs for Refugees at ASU is run by a small group of all volunteers, aiming to provide every refugee family here in Arizona with easy access to a PC at home.

We are open to students from all backgrounds as computer repairs are not the only thing we do. We also act as case managers, work with tutoring organizations around the valley, and raise general awareness, so don't be scared if you are not interested in technology repairs!

We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise noted), from 6-7pm (usually done earlier), in CPCOM 227 (Computing Commons):

General Meeting Schedule
Date Day Time⠀⠀ Location Status/Comments
1/23/19 Wed. 6-7pm COOR L1-54 Cancelled
2/20/19 Wed. 6-6:30pm CPCOM 227 Confirmed
3/20/19 Wed. 6-7pm CPCOM 227 Confirmed
4/17/19 Wed. 6-7pm CPCOM 227 Confirmed


Please contact us with any questions or concerns at!

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We believe that computers are a necessity in today’s world. A working computer is essential to help access important information, conduct job searches, fill out healthcare paperwork, help integrate into their new communities, to stay connected to friends and family around the world, and so much more. PCs for Refugees is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization run by a small group of all volunteers, aiming to provide every refugee family here in Arizona with easy access to a PC at home. We are trying to provide the perfect technological platform suitable for delivering education and the tools needed to thrive in today’s digital age. We strongly believe that lack of a computer or internet access can play a major limitation. Help us provide refugees the much needed tools to get them back on their feet.



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Omar Abed

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Phillip Miller


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