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Emerging Student Leader of the Year Award Nomination


The purpose of the Emerging Student Leader of the Year award is to recognize a well-rounded first or second year student who demonstrates leadership based on their early college experience. 


The student shows initiative by being involved in leadership positions through organizations and groups across campus.  This student must be a first or second year student. 

Suggested Writing Topics*

In writing a nomination for the Emerging Student Leader of the Year, you may write about, but are not limited to the topics listed below:

  • With which organization(s) does the student work and what is their role within the group?
  • Describe their leadership style.
  • How does this individual go above and beyond?
  • What characteristics make this student a great leader?
  • Describe the student’s leadership accomplishments.
  • Describe the impact the student has made on campus.
  • Describe the student’s level of commitment to their area of leadership.
  • How is it that you are aware of this student’s leadership?

*Remember that all of the suggested writing topics do not need to be answered.  The suggested writing topics are here to help you write a strong nomination.

Please limit response to no more than 2 pages, single-spaced.

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