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Best Event of the Year Award Nomination


The purpose of the Best Event of the Year Award is to recognize a student organization who successfully planned an event that created a positive impact at the University of Utah.


In order to be eligible to receive this award, the student group must be a recognized student organization on OrgSync, have hosted an event that positively impacted the university, and actively contributes to the overall well-being of the University of Utah. Student organizations may self-nominate.

Suggested Writing Topics*
In writing a nomination for the Best Event of the Year Award, you may write about, but are not limited to, the
topics listed below:

  • Reason for nomination
  • What was the event? Please provide a brief description.
  • What has this student group done to promote success at the University of Utah?
  • Why do you believe this student group deserves the award?
  • How do members of the group support and encourage the organization?
  • How do the members of the student group work together to achieve a common goal with another student group?

*Remember that all the suggested writing topics do not need to be answered. The suggested writing topics are here to help you write a strong nomination.

Please limit response to 2 pages, singleā€space.

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