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Student Leader of the Year Award Nomination


The Student Leader of the Year award recognizes an upper class (at least third-year) student who has shown outstanding leadership during their University of Utah experience.  Through innovation, motivation, initiative, and perseverance, this person will have demonstrated a commitment to creating positive change in our campus community. 


The student must be at least a third-year student at the University of Utah.  The student must have improved the quality of the organization(s) they have been involved in, involved in the activities of the organization, connected with students from the organization, and contributed significantly to the organization(s).  This individual will have demonstrated commitment to the goals of their organization(s) and exhibited individual leadership while keeping the group in mind.  Most importantly, this individual will have worked to motivate the actions and ideas of the organization to better the University community. 

Suggested Writing Topics*

In writing a nomination for the Student Leader of the Year, you may write about, but are not limited to the topics listed below:

  • How does this individual go above and beyond?
  • How does this individual support and encourage the organization(s) he or she is involved in?
  • What role does this individual play in the organization(s)?
  • What has this individual done to inspire you?
  • Describe the student’s leadership accomplishments.
  • Describe the impact the student has made on campus.
  • Describe the student’s level of commitment to their area of leadership.
  • How is it that you are aware of this student’s leadership?

*Remember that all of the suggested writing topics do not need to be answered.  The suggested writing topics are here to help you write a strong nomination.

Please limit response to 2 pages, single-spaced. 

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