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Welcome to SIPA Civic and Voter Engagement family! Our mission is to engage Americans from all corners of the nation into thoughtful consideration and deep understanding of their right, access, and readiness to vote. An engaged and participative community is one of the foundational pillars of our democracy and our group is committed to tackle numerous dimensions concerning the act of voting in the lives of American citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic, race, gender, or ideological background.

Join the team and be part of the change!



The CIVEC Team


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Do you believe that voting and civic engagement are the foundation of meaningful policy and political change? Do you want to make a tangible difference in your local community?

If so, you're in the right place!

CiVEC aims to equip and empower our international student body at SIPA with the tools of democracy, an understanding of participatory government, and a pathway to political engagement.

We achieve this goal by administering a slew of events that not only provoke needed discussion on the most pressing issues of our time, but also provide a roadmap for translating those conversations into action.


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Alexandra Yellin

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Samuel Kraus

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Emma Livingston

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Maddie Toll

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Kaitlin Hansen

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Michael Nutter

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