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The Baylor VR Club does four things: Meet, Develop, Compete and Stream.

Meet: The Baylor VR Club hosts meetings that allow for all members to experience the wonders of VR. Meetings typically have some sort of theme such as bringing in a company like ExxonMobil or hosting a SUPERHOT VR tournament.


Develop: The Baylor VR Club is currently working with the Baylor Library System to develop a VR museum exhibit to showcase Baylor's collection of Black Gospel Music. The team has a working prototype and is a part of the Oculus Start Program.


Compete: The Baylor VR Club is a part of CVRE, a collegiate VR eSports league. We plan to start competing against other schools such as UC Berkeley and Texas A&M this upcoming Fall.


Stream: The Baylor VR Club streams its events and has a commentated stream every Thursday Night.


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The Baylor Virtual Reality Club is an organization that aims to provide a place for everyone to experience the wonders of virtual reality and have fun while doing it. While typical club meetings revolve around playing VR games with friends and hosting competitions, the Baylor VR Club also has a development team that works directly with the Baylor Library System and Baylor Film and Digital Media Departments to develop VR applications and media. The main meetings occur every other week while the development team meets once a week. We also host special events such as competitions against Texas A&M's VR club as well as developer talks from VR development teams. If you want to play VR games, develop VR applications, or just meet new friends, the Baylor Virtual Reality Club is for you!


Special Interest

What do you hope to achieve through your organization?

A multitude of things. Our broad vision is to give everyone who wants to experience the wonders of virtual reality a place to do so. In addition to that we also have a development team and esports group who work on their respective projects and events.

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