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Spill the Tea

Thursday, Apr 4, 5 pm

One Resistance board members have been busily planning exciting behind the scenes surprises! We are going to spill ALL the tea at our next “Spill the Tea” event. Join us at April 4th at 5:00pm. Stay tuned for the location!"

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Get to Know Your Candidates for the Midterm Election

Wednesday, Oct 3, 6:30 pm
Wrigley Hall 101

Do you feel like you want to get involved in politics, but do not know how? Or do you feel like you do not understand what it means to be Democrat, Republican. or an Independent? 

This event is perfect for you! We're bringing candidates that represent the ASU Tempe campus so that students and community members can engage with them. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about issues that are important to you as well as learn where these candidates stand on those issues. Seats...

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Limited spaces available

Womxn Helping Womxn

Tuesday, Mar 20, 5 pm
Hayden Lawn ASU

Come join us in a service event to bring awareness on domestic violence issues against womxn. It will be led by womxn, served by women, and most importantly for womxn. Our goal is to richen an ASU student’s experience through compassion and service.We will gather on Hayden Lawn and make handmade care packages for womyn in domestic violence shelters. ASU students will unite to give back to a local community. It will be a casual, fun, and fast paced setting with food and music! Don't miss...

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Voter Registration Training

Friday, Mar 2, 3 pm
Mu Gila Room

Voter apathy has been an ongoing problem nationally, locally, and even at Arizona State University. The lack of voters has an unintended impact of low representation for minority and marginalized  communities.  Come learn how you can inspire more people to become civilly engaged. Advance the representation for all communities. As well as redefine what "political" means at Arizona State University. 

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One Launch

Friday, Feb 23, 5:30 pm
MU 240 Navajo

Leaders, advocates, and community members, we are inviting you all to join our resistance. We hope through an inclusive effort we can improve the lives of communities we advocate for and/or identify in. 

One Launch Flyer 

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