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Get the DIRT on Ethnicity

Wednesday, Apr 17, 8 pm
Smith Honors Hall 1st Floor Lounge

Let's have an open and honest discussion about ethnicity, social justice, and privilege in today's society. These topics are important and we need to learn advocacy for others!!!

At the event, you will make your own dirt pudding and participate in some engaging, eye opening activities with other students with different backgrounds.

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What's the TEA Breakfast Bar!

Thursday, Apr 18, 10 am
Smith Honors Hall 1st Floor Lounge

As you may (or may NOT know,) the Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Education office hosts events every month called "What's the T?" In the past, they have hosted panels about Women's History, LGBT communities, human rights, intersectionality, and immigration. PLEASE JOIN US this Thursday in Duda 103 at 11am for the Religion and Spirituality panel! 

There will be a catered french toast and bacon BREAKFAST BUFFET in Smith Honors Hall, 1st floor lounge this Thursday at 10am before...

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Limited spaces available

🎭 MARDI GRAS! Let the Good Times Roll 🎷

Tuesday, Mar 5, 7 pm
Smith Honors Hall- 4th Floor

March 5th is FAT TUESDAY aka Mardi Gras! We are having one of our own in Smith Hall this Tuesday!  The event will be CATERED with very delightful dishes for everyone of you to enjoy. Stop by, paint some masks, decorate some mason jars, and make some jewelry.  We want to see you at the celebration!  Immerse yourself in a different culture! 

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Poetry and Fruit Kabobs!!!!!

Wednesday, Nov 28, 7 pm
Smith Hall First Floor Lounge

Enjoy creating different types of poetry during our program! For all who love writing, fruit, and/or coffee, this is for you!!! 🍑🍒🍓🥝 ☕ 🍵 

We will be making fruit kabobs here, and providing tea as well. Bring all of your friends to warm up with our hot beverages. It's cold outside! ☃️☃️☃️

This Wednesday 11/28 at 7pm, Smith Honors Hall, 1st floor lounge. 

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