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Welcome to the Women in Computing LafSync portal! Meetings are every Friday at 4 pm in AEC 500. Come for the cookies-- stay for the community!

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We are an academic and social group that meets every Friday for discussion and cookies. Our goal is to provide community and a support network for females interested in technology. Some of our other events include movie nights and holiday / end of year parties, Brown Bag discussions, and panels. We also organize opportunities for scholarships, conferences, Hackathons, and other Computer Science events.


Academic & Pre-Professional

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Lafayette college students interested in technology or computing.

Meeting Day
  • Friday
Meeting Time

4:00 PM

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Lucy Shin

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Vice President

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Kerry Stranick

Advisor Name

Joann Ordille

Advisor Title

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Organization Goals & Outcomes

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Women in Computing is concerned with providing a community for female technologists at Lafayette College. Computer science is the only STEM field in which the proportion of women in the field continues to decrease in the modern day, despite women being the pioneers of the industry. Many women who become interested in technology ultimately leave the field because of the climate and lack of role models. Women who join the field better shape the technological needs of female users as well as create a workplace more diverse in thought and action. Therefore, it is crucial to have support and mentorship organizations such as this to support young women as they enter the field.

Women in Computing is both an academic and social group. The primary event held by Women in Computing is a weekly discussion. Having tested many formats, it has been made evident that the format under which the members of the organization thrive and feel free to openly discuss their experiences, within computing and otherwise, is an open, casual weekly dialogue. Some signature events include Movie Nights and holiday / end of year parties. Female technologists out of college have also spoken to the organization and are invited at their availability. Events of interest include Brown Bag discussions and panels.

Women in Computing aims to benefit the Lafayette College community by producing and encouraging young female leaders capable of shaping our collegiate community in addition to the technological community at large. Women in Computing provides a unique environment at Lafayette, as female technologists are neither engineers nor traditional scientists.