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Welcome to Khaos' portal! We are UMSL's K-Pop dance group aimed at students who are fans of K-Pop, dancing, and/or connecting with like-minded students to stay active. We mainly cover K-Pop dances but are not opposed to other styles, as we have done J-Pop and C-Pop in the past. We are open to everyone interested, so please come even if you are inexperienced with dance! We will teach you!

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**If you wish to dance/perform with us and have any questions, please message us via Facebook, Instagram, or Email! ** Please also message us if you wish to instruct dance(s) or become an officer **

Schedule: January: New Student Recruitment; Homecoming Practices Begin, Regular Dance Practices Begin, | February: Homecoming Lip Sync Battle | April: Khaos' Showcase | May: Fall Song Polling | July: Summer Training for K-Pop Festival Begins | August: New Student Recruitment, Regular Practices Begin | October: K-Pop Festival | December: Khaos' Showcase, Spring Song Polling | Year-Round: Random Play Workshops

Dance Location: TBD in Fall

Commitment: Performers: 1-2 practices/week/song || Random Play/non-performers: come anytime

Practice Times: Weekdays

Portal Information


Khaos is here for students that are fans of K-Pop, or just fans of dancing and having fun. We provide a way of connecting and staying active with students of similar interests. Our instructors teach and choreograph dances to various K-Pop and sometimes other international songs. We also have media production opportunities for Graphic Design, Photography, and Media Production students to enhance their portfolios. Khaos' Dance Group is open to everyone and we promote multicultural awareness.


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Constitution and Bylaws

All student organizations must submit a copy of their constitution and bylaws prior to receiving recognition from the university. Any time a change or revision is made to the constitution or bylaws, a new copy must be submitted.