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Welcome to the Page for The Billiards Club at Sac State!

The purpose of this Club is to create a social, productive, and meaningful environment around the pool tables here at Sac State. Any one with any skill level can join and compete in friendly battles against others. We have Ranking Tournaments each semester to determine where people stand among others in the club. With the top players we go to or host tournaments against other schools. 

My name is Mario Ximenez and am the President of this Club. I know that anyone can get good at pool. My goal for the club is to give everyone an opportunity to get as comfortable on the table as possible. I have been studying this game for the past two years and am willing to share everything that I know to anyone willing to learn. 

Please contact me with any inquiries you have about the club, or have anything Billiards related you would like to share.



Portal Information


To provide a place where those interested in cue-games can learn, interact, and enjoy with other members.



Organization Statement of Purpose

This statement will be used to describe what the organization is about to those looking for or at student organizations to join or work with.

To provide an understanding of the social and competitive aspects of billiard games like 9-ball, 8-ball, Snooker, etc. to the members of the club. Also to help them to see a career path, through these sports opportunities. Another purpose would be to provide a common platform to different communities, departments, staff members to take out some time form their schedule for little socialization and fun through the sport of any pocket billiards

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Membership Restrictions: Dues

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Organization Email
Meeting Day(s)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays alternating weekly

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

2375 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822

Officer A Title

Officer A MUST BE the President or Primary Officer,

for Sport Clubs this is also the Sport Club Council Rep.


Officer A First Name


Officer B Title

Officer B MUST BE the Treasurer or like Financial Officer


Officer B First Name


Advisor Name

Advisors must be currently employed by Sacramento State full-time or part-time as a faculty member or a professional staff member classified as `Exempt' according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employees of Auxiliary Organizations are not eligible to serve as advisors of record to student organizations.

Katherine Martinez

Advisor Title


Advisor Department

Recreation, parks, and tourism administration