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Welcome to the Bhakti Yoga Club at GeorgiaTech! We are excited to have you here, and appreciate your interest in leading a happier, healthier and meaningful life through the practice of Yoga and Vegetarianism. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on our events, and do come to our free sessions to improve the quality of your life. 

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A. To teach the importance and practical principles of yoga and vegetarianism for success in the modern age by having knowledge sessions weekly and practicing the principles of Bhakti Yoga through live demonstrations and practice sessions for Yoga and cooking.

B. Help students better handle stress, develop good personality traits and become leaders for tomorrow by providing them access to an international network of counsellors and club alumni, for live discussions and one-to-one sessions

C. Develop habits in students for a healthy and happy lifestyle by encouraging active practice of these principles on a daily basis


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Vineet Vinayak Pasupulety

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Ashwath Kumar

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To join the BhaktiYoga@GT Club, you only need to have the desire to understand and practice Yoga! You can join through OrgSync, or follow our facebook page for updates on events. Drop by and get enlivened!

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  • Friday
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Reach out to graduate and undergraduate students and help them lead happier, healthier and meaningful lives through the practice of Yoga and Vegetarianism. This is to be achieved through alternating workshops on the above topics involving discussions and practice sessions. We also have several trips planned to eco-friendly villages across the US where we teach how to successfully practicing the above principles and balance out their work and life.