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Faith & Sexuality Dialogue

Friday, Feb 22, 6:30 pm
YIH Student Lounge

Faiths & Sexuality is an interfaith dialogue which provides an intimate discussion on issues  relating to faith and sexuality. This event aims to deepen the understanding amongst students of different faiths and to inform the participants about the experiences of people with different backgrounds from them, allowing them to reflect on their own beliefs. It is not the aim of this event to change the perception of any individual regarding issues of faith and sexuality, nor...

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Registration starts at 6:30pm. Come earlier for our nice refreshment!

P.S. You are encouraged to bring your own containers for environmental friendliness!

Offence and Being Offended

Friday, Oct 12, 7 pm
University Sports Center, Meeting Room 1

About: this is the introductory dialogue session for Interfaith.

Goal and intended outcome: the aim of the dialogue is to allow participants to understand the nuances behind different expressed views. After the dialogue, participants should learn to: avoid hurting others more effectively and not to take offence too easily.

Topic and interests: topics that may be brought forward for discussion include - appropriateness of informal remarks and jokes; - how to express and how...

Will you be attending?

NUS Interfaith: Feedback & Exco recruitment

Thank you for your participation in the dialogue: "Being offensive and being offended". We hope you enjoyed the discussion. We would like to hear your feedback on the event. We would also like to extend a warm invitation to anyone interested in cross-faith dialogue to join our Executive Committee and explore the world's diverse culture together!

Being offensive and being offended

NUS Interfaith has brought to you this semester's cross-faith dialogue titled "Don't hide behind the keyboard - being offensive and being offended". You are welcomed to an evening of open and honest discussion about offensive expressions on race, religion, gender and so on! Come and share your stories with your peers and be inspired by other people's insights as well!

Date: 12 October 2018, Friday, 7-9pm (Light refreshment available from 6:40 onwards) Venue:...