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Control the Words, Control the Culture with Will Witt

Tuesday, Oct 2, 4 pm
Tujunga Room - USU East Conference Center

Will Witt from Prager U comes to CSUN to speak to students about the current political climate and censorship happening on college campuses and how college students can fight for free speech. Look out for Will on campus before the event: he will be shooting a new video for PragerU interviewing CSUN students!

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*Tickets are not required, but having one guarantees you seating.

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The Hopes of Socialism: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Thursday, Apr 19, 7 pm
California State University Northidge: Chaparral Hall 5125

Dr. Murray Bessette, Director of Academic Programs at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, will be giving a talk on the appeal of a socialist system: liberty, equality, and fraternity, and why it has failed time and time again to live up to these promises. Q&A to follow. Event will be held in Chaparral Hall 5125.

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