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Red Cross NUS Chapter Blood Donation Drive (January 2019)

Tuesday, Jan 29, 12 pm
YIH Student Lounge (YIH Level 4)

NUS Blood Donation Drive is a joint effort between Red Cross Youth (NUS Chapter) and Health Science Authority (HSA) to provide a convenient avenue for the NUS community to donate blood. As we continue to enlist the generosity of our existing donors, we strive to recruit firsttime donors to enlarge our blood donor pool.

Please bring along your NRIC/ Student Pass/ Work Permit/ EP. Donors aged 16/ 17 (based on date of birth), please provide signed bloodbank parental consent form from...

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Lachlan Lorimer Shanks

Hi do I need to register first? I am an exchange student but have previously given blood with the NHS. Thanks


No, you can just walk in and register on site. Please bring your NRIC/ Student Pass/ EP for registration.


You can bring your student pass for verification of information. The registration process is quite simple and you are only required to complete a form.

DMG Comm Roles

Dear DMG Comm Members,

For those who were not present during our Week 6 meeting:

We have decided to revise the structure of our committee. Please refer to the slides that I have shared with you for more information on the new roles and positions.

Hence, we are now opening all roles, except Division Head and Vice Division Heads, for everyone in DMG Comm. You can apply for the same role that you are currently holding or any other roles that you may be interested...

Project 7 DOH Committee Recruitment

7DOH is an NUS Red Cross Youth initiative which aims to spread joy among NUS students and support staff through various activities organised over a one-week period in AY2018/2019 Sem 2. If you would like to be behind cheering your peers and our friendly support staff, do join us so we can turn your ideas into reality. ๐ŸŽ‰ 

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Blood Donation Drive Volunteer Recruitment

Event Details

Venue: YIH Student Lounge

Time: 28-31 August 2018, 12pm-6pm


We need our volunteers as much as our donors. You help to make our event a success! Help us out during our Blood Donation Drive by assisting donors during pre-registration, doing crowd control and looking out for the well-being of donors. We thank you in advance for your generous contributions.



Blood Donation Drive Committee Recruitment

We are recruiting dedicated and passionate individuals to join the new Organising Committee for future Blood Donation Drives. If you would like to contribute towards the cause of recruiting blood donors and raising awareness about the importance of blood donation, fill in this form to indicate your interest and we will be contacting you shortly for an interview session.

RCY Welcome Tea Signup

Sign-up form for mailing list and interest in welcome tea sessions 

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Mailing List for Red Cross Youth (NUS Chapter)

This form is purely for students who have signed up for the mailing list to be updated regarding Red Cross Youth (NUS Chapter)'s latest and upcoming events. 

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