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Welcome to the AIESEC in NUS page!
Join us and stay tuned for our various Global Opportunities and Event updates!



Portal Information


AIESEC in NUS was founded in 1981 and has always been known for its diverse membership. With over 30 years of presence in NUS, AIESEC in NUS aims to empower youths through practical working experience and leadership skills as well as through our cross-cultural exchanges.

By joining AIESEC, you will experience a real Corporate Environment to develop professionally, as well as a Fun-Loving Culture to build deep friendship! We also provide students with a holistic international AIESEC experience beyond academia through our Global Volunteer and Global Talent Programmes.


Student Organisations

Organisation Mission/Vision

Peace and the Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential

Organisation Objective(s)

Please list your objectives for the next year.

To be known as the premier youth development organisation in NUS that provides youths with enjoyable, cross-cultural learning experiences

Selection Process/ Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organisation's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

2018 August Membership Recruitment Process:
➜Visit our booths from 16th to 17th Aug 2018 and attend our Info Talks on 20th & 21st Aug 2018 for more information about:
➢7 departments of AIESEC in NUS
➢what you can expect to gain from our membership program
➢what do we offer in our exchange programs (you DO NOT have to be a member to go for an exchange with us!)
➜Apply for Assessment Center on 23rd & 24th Aug 2018
➜If you successfully pass this round, you are required to complete an online application questionnaire
➜Attend an interview with the various department heads from 27th to 30th Aug 2018
➜Congratulations! You've passed all selection processes and welcome to AIESEC in NUS! See you at Induction on 1st & 2nd Sept 2018

What type of events do you organise?

(For example: social, service, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Exchange Programs (Global Volunteer, Global Talent, Global Entrepreneur)
National and International Conferences
Local Committee Meetings, Local Committee Gatherings, Rewards & Recognition Night