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Island Hopping

Hello fellow adventurers! 

In need of a getaway and still in that holiday mood? Grab your friends and join us for a fun time exploring some of the more popular islands off the coast of Singapore, namely St John's Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island! It will be held on the 24th of August 2019 where we will explore the trails on St john's Island, visit Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Public Gallery, cook by the beach on Lazarus Island (TBC) before heading over to Kusu island where tortoises and temples await!

We will meet at Marina South Pier MRT Station at 8.15am. Please be on time and have some breakfast before coming!

Cost: Non-Members: SGD24
         Members: SGD23 (5% off for Rovers members)                                                                                                      Includes Ferry tickets to the islands, outdoor cooking equipment and food! 

We will be doing field cooking and basic ingredients will be provided (maggie, canned food etc.), so feel free to bring along any ingredients or seasoning that you would wish to use as well! (Do not bring any fresh food that need to be kept cold to stay fresh however as cooking will only take place near noon time, or things that will take a long time to cook) There are no food and drink stalls on any of the islands, hence make sure to bring along sufficient water that can last you throughout the day.

Things to bring/wear:

  1. Ezlink card or sufficient money for public transport home
  2. Poncho or umbrella
  3. Covered, comfortable sports shoes
  4. Water bottle (recommend 1.5L)
  5. Bug Spray (optional)
  6. Sun Block (optional)
  7. Light snacks or anything to make your food yummy (optional)
  8. Change of clothes (optional)
  9. Medication (If any)
  10. Slippers (optional)
  11. Picnic mats (optional)

We are expected to end back in Singapore by 16:45pm. 

We have limited slots available so sign up now and we hope to see you there! :) 

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